Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Muppets at D23 Expo


This past Friday and Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing the Muppets live at Disney's D23 Expo. During the big Walt Disney Pictures presentation, the Muppets made a surprise appearance. Over 20 Muppets, including Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo (and of course a handful of chickens and penguins) rode in on the Mark Twain steam boat, pushed by Sweetums, and sang a few Muppet classics. The highlight was Kermit the Frog singing "Rainbow Connection".


Sunday was the Muppet presentation - a whole hour dedicated to the Muppets! There were cool announcements (Muppet*Vision 3-D remastered, more Muppet YouTube videos, Whatnot Workshops coming to the parks, Mobile Electric Mayhem Band, and more), raffle prizes, and a live appearance by Sam the Eagle.


The highlight of Sunday was meeting Gonzo, Fozzie and Pepe in person! We happened to be the very last people in line - The Muppets visited and took photos with guests for at least two hours.


Aside from the cool live appearance, there was also some very cool Muppet product on display. My favorite were the Pook-a-Looz plush - think of them as Disney characters by way of Ugly Dolls.

I've got a lot more photos from D23 Expo, check them out here.