Friday, March 27, 2009



This is the Ringmaster the newest puppet I built for the new Swazzle The River Otter Circus. He's and hand puppet and his arms move like a glove puppet. The fur was dyed and boiled to get that fun color and texture. I think he looks like cotton candy, which is perfect for a circus. This little guy also has a black top and a bow tie.


Créaturiste said...

the texture.

Was this done with long-haired synthetic fur, or short?

I'm asking because I'm building a puppet which will have most of its body covered in long fur (except face, palms and belly), and was wondering if it can be made more "natural-like", without losing too much length.

The fur I'll most likely use already has the right color to start with, so I don't think dyeing is needed.

If boiling long haired-fur can only make the kind of texture you achieved (love it, but won't work on my current character), any other tips to "age" or "change" the look of synth fur?

my only trick so far: I sometimes shape a few strands with the heat gun for a few seconds, then holding the hair in place while it cools. Almost like hair spray, but not messy.

Thanks for any pointers.

Sean Johnson said...

This fur was medium length and boiled. I trimmed the fur shorter on the face, and on the front of the body. I'm sure there are other ways to distress fur, but boiling is the most effective. Good luck.

Créaturiste said...

I'll show results when I'm done with the puppet. Which could be a month or more, since I have not sculpted the final marionette yet (wood+fake fur).

Currently, it's just a clay model, albeit the articulations work on it.

Shawn said...

What is the nose made out of?