Thursday, January 08, 2009

Brand New Glow in the Dark Puppet

Glow in the Dark

Swazzle's booking season is now in full swing. We just did our first performs showcase, and there are more to come. So far we have about 30 bookings. I wanted to share a brand new puppet with you all - I just finished yesterday. It's a fish, for our new puppet show Water Color. The puppet is covered with flexible neon, so that it can glow in the dark. All of the puppets in the show will light up different colors - it should look pretty spectacular in the dark.


Anonymous said...


Looking forward to seeing the latest 'neon' performances. You mentioned you just finished a showcase.. was that open to the public? Id love to know when your next performance(s) will be.. Thanks and all the best with the new line up.

Sean Johnson said...

The showcase is an audition for would be bookers. Our public performances are on our website: