Sunday, November 23, 2008

Digg my Blog - Mini Update

Hey readers of Puppet 101, I just added some share buttons and a Digg button to my blog. If you like Puppet 101 please help out by digging it or sharing it on your favorite social networking site.

This has been a super busy time for myself and Swazzle. We had another very busy summer of puppet shows, and then Patrick and I rolled right into the crazy stunt puppet production Team Smithereen. A few months back we moved into our brand new workshop in Glendale, and for the last couple of day's we have been rehearsing our brand new holiday puppet show, Live from the Ice Cube. Believe it or not, we are already planning our two new summer puppet shows: The River Otter Circus, and Water Color. Water Color will feature light up "neon" fish puppets - more on that later.

I hope you are all keeping busy with some fun puppet projects. Please keep me updated, and always feel free to email me your puppet questions:

By the way, I will be adding some new behind the scenes puppet building photos once we begin production on the new summer puppet shows.

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