Saturday, September 01, 2007

Frog Dissection


I occasionally get e-mail from readers of my blog. Most people ask about specific puppet building questions. Some people send me photos of their puppets, or works in progress. The other day I received this photo from a sender that asked to remain anonymous. Yes, they have actually deconstructed the Kermit the Frog photo puppet from Master Replicas.


James Wojtal ,Puppet Designer said...


that is both funney(whata waste of money ), and incredibly disturbing

ahh lunitic muppet fans got to love'm(or fear them),

Sean Johnson said...

I knew it was a matter of time before someone did this - I think it’s great.

James Wojtal ,Puppet Designer said...

yeah it was going to happen sooner or later , pretty much the reason i have always thought these replicas were a bad idea,

Mike Randolph said...

I purchased a kermit rendition from a guy who worked for sesame st workshop 10 years... Antron Fleece of course, hand dyed at 180 degrees for almost 3 days. Hand stitched, and with legs... It cost a small fortune, and i crack up when I see some of the awful versions of kermit folks have produced..Every artist has a different interpretation.