Monday, December 18, 2006

Snowman Puppet Part 8


Now it's time to fabricate the puppet. I'll be covering the snowman with layers of fake snow. Luckily I was building this puppet during December so fake snow was easy to come by. To adhere the snow, I'm using two spray adhesives, Super 90 and Super 77.


Begin by spraying a liberal about of Super 90 over a small section of the body. Once the glue starts to set up, press the fake snow onto the body. It is best to wear rubber gloves so the glue and snow doesn't stick to your hands.


Once the whole body is covered with a layer of snow, spay a small section with Super 77 and sprinkle on glitter, or shinny snow flakes. Continue until the whole body is covered. Once the body is finished, do the same with the head.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am currently building a snowman puppet. My original idea was to flock him but how well did this fabrication process hold up? did it ever start to fall off?