Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snowman Puppet Part 2


Different puppets call for different building techniques. If I were making a fur and fleece puppet, I would most likely use sheet foam, and the darting method. If I wanted a puppet to be super smooth, I would use prefabricated shapes like I did for the peas, or I would use a ban saw and belt sander like Patrick did for Al the Alien. Because I want this puppet to have a natural and hand made look, I'll be carving him from a block of foam with an electric knife.

Electric knifes can be found at most kitchen or home stores like Bed Bath and Beyond. They usually cost about $25.00 or so.


Begin by cutting off the corners.


Continue to carve the foam down until you get the desired shape.


The body is taking shape.

1 comment:

E.B. said...

Where did you get the foam block?

I am totally in love with frosty. Will he make a comeback this hliday season?