Monday, November 20, 2006

Puppet Up, Uncensored Tonight!


Be sure to catch The Jim Henson Company's improv show Puppet Up, Uncensored tonight on TBS at 11:00 pm.

This one hour special was taped during two live performances at the Comedy Festival in Vegas just a week ago. Under the direction of Groundlings alum Patrick Bristow, the puppeteers of the Jim Henson Company perform improv sketches based on audience suggestions. Unlike previous Henson productions, the puppeteers are visible to a live audience, and the television cameras.

Patrick and I have been fortunate enough to participate in this exciting project as it has evolved over the past year and a half. Although we will not be in tonight's show, some puppets we built for the production might - because it's improv there are no guarantees. Keep an eye out for a little gray monster, a red crab, and a shinny turquoise alien.

By the way, this show is not appropriate for children.


Wes b. said...

I saw the Skinney Alien Brian Worked woow what an honor for yall!!

Sean Johnson said...

Yeah, that was really cool.