Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lady Fromage Rod Puppet, Part 5


This puppet has a long pointy snout. To make that I'm using two squared triangular shapes with a one slightly curved side. The two curved sides are glued together to give the nose a slight swoop. The squared tips at the narrow end of the puppets snout, are glued together to make it rounded.


vicky said...

Hi from Europe, Greece.
I think your work is great and really inspiring! Me and my husband are trying to make some puppets to play with our little daughter. I think its a great hobby! Following your instructions we are making our first project. I have also created a blog about that and i've put a link to your site if you dont mind! If you care to take a look
Keep in mind we have never ever made a puppet. Cheers!

Sean Johnson said...

Vicky, Thank you. I’m glad you are finding my tutorials helpful. Good luck with your puppet creations! Just to let you know at the end of the month we will be premiering our first episode of The Swazzle Workshop. In each episode Tiger and Mousedeer demonstrate how to make a fun and simple puppet. It’s fun for the whole family!