Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lady Fromage Rod Puppet, Introduction


Like other puppeteers, I learned (and continue to learn) many of my building techniques from watching puppet shows, attending festivals, and picking the brains of other puppeteers and puppet builders. I first learned how to make a rod control puppet from reading Nick Barone's instructions in a Puppeteers of America Festival Handbook a couple of years back. Since then, I've I picked up more tips from Roger Mara and Hobby Ford, and I've added my own modifications and adaptations. I hope you all do the same - take what I show you, and make it your own.

Most of the puppets we use in our Swazzle puppet shows are hand and rod puppets. Sometimes we will need a puppet that is very large like the Tyrannosaurs Rex in Harry and the Tyrannosaurs Rex, other times we need a puppet that is very small like Lady Fromage in Rex and Boots Super Sleuths - Both are rod puppets.

Lady Fromage stands just over six inches tall. Her simple one handed rod control allows her to move her head left and right, and open and close her mouth. This tutorial will take you step by step through the creation of Lady Fromage. As always if you have any questions or require more clarification please write me at sean@swazzle.com.

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