Monday, June 26, 2006

Meet Herman


I built this puppet for Puppet Up! Featuring the Henson Improv Company. He made his debut this past week in Hollywood, and he will be traveling to Edinburgh when the show tours this August.

Herman was designed specially for the show by long time Jim Henson Company puppeteer Julianne Buescher. I built him in the Creature Shop under the watchful eye of Jane Gootnick, an extremely talented builder that has been with the Jim Henson Company since the second season of The Muppet Show. Even though I've been building puppets for over 10 years, I learned so much from Jane.

A small trivia note for all you Jim Henson Company fans: Herman is made from the same fur as Sprocket from Fraggle Rock.


Hil said...

Cool puppet, Sean! What a friendly looking character. It must have been a great experience working at the Creature Shop.

Sean Johnson said...

Thanks. Yes, working in the Creature Shop was awesome. I learned so much about puppet building.