Tuesday, May 30, 2006

James Wojtal Interview, Part 16

James Wojtal is a talented puppet designer and builder. During his career he has worked on projects like Avenue Q, Bear in the Big Blue House, Crank Yankers, Saturday Night Live, Sesame Street (the American and various internationl versions), Mop-a-Top's Shop, Kermit's Swamp Years, Animal Jam, and more. In this interview I asked him to share his thoughts about puppet building.


SJ: What is one puppet-building tip that you can share with us?

JW: I'm not really sure. I guess, don't be afraid to look at different materials - experiment. I know a lot of people like to build the "Muppet" style puppet, and they want to use the same stuff they do, but pro puppet shops are always looking at new materials and new methods. It's important to be able to improvise. You would be surprise what using something other than fleece can do to a puppet. It can make it really stand out on its own.

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