Sunday, April 30, 2006

Puppet Building Tutorial: The Peas


Building puppets with prefabricated foam shapes can simplify the puppet building process. This tutorial will give you detailed instructions on how I built the peas for Puppet with store bought foam balls. Click on the links below to read each step.

Part 1: The Head
Step 1, Foam Balls
Step 2, Dying Foam

Part 2: The Mouth
Step 1, Marking the Mouth
Step 2, Cutting the Mouth

Part 3: The Hand Hole
Step 1, Marking the Hole
Step 2, Cutting the Hole

Part 4: The Mouth (Part 2)
Step 1, Carving out the Mouth

Part 5: The Eyes
Step 1, Wire and Beads
Step 2, Marking the Eyes
Step 3, Threading the Wire
Step 4, Securing the Eyes
Step 5, Finishing the Eyes

Part 6: The Mouth
Step 1, The Tongue and Pallet
Step 2, Gluing the Mouth

See the peas in action at Puppet There are many different cards to choose from: Mothers Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Belated Birthday, Easter, and More.


Anonymous said...

Love the peas! Give peas a chance!
very aPEAling!

Sean Johnson said...


Filipa Alexandre said...

were do you find foam balls. In Portugal i never saw in sale. Fantastic blog, thanks

Sean Johnson said...

Well, these foam balls were purchased at Wal-Mart. Do you have Wal-Mart in Portugal? If not try doing a google search. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blog.

Anonymous said...

How do you attatch the peas to the pod?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on building peas. Can you tell me just how to build a rock puppet?

Sean Johnson said...

The peas are not attached to the to the pod. Making a rock would be similar to making the peas, but instead of using a round ball you could snip a rock out of foam.

video greeting cards said...

woow..step by step to make a cute puppet..i will try to make it by myself..