Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Fun, Puppet Heap



Puppet Heap is puppet building company founded by Emmy nominated designer Paul Andrejco. They have built puppets for Nick Jr., Sesame Workshop, Disney Channel, and The Jim Henson Company. Some of their projects include, Bear in the Big Blue House, Jim Henson's The Animal Show, and Elmo's World.

Through my involvement with Jim Henson's Puppet Improv, I've had the opportunity to use the vulture and the armadillo (pictured above), which were originally constructed for Jim Henson's The Animal Show. After working with those characters, I can say from first hand experience that Puppet Heap's puppets are well designed, and expertly crafted. Additionally, they are built with the puppeteer in mind, and allow for some beautiful manipulation possibilities.

To learn more about Puppet Heap check out their web site, There you will find a full gallery of puppets, a demo reel, behind the scenes photos and more.

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