Monday, March 27, 2006

PEAhind the Scenes, Part 1


When I'm making a foam puppet I usually use patterns, and the darting technique described in the "Ratchet Puppet Building Tutorial”. Sometimes different design choices, budgetary restraints, or time restrictions call for the use of a different puppet building technique. In this next behind the scenes series, I'll be chronicling the construction of the popular peas for Puppet

Because the peas were meant to be perfect spheres and a uniform size, it was decided that they would be constructed from store-bought foam balls.


Nate Pacheco said...

Can you tell me were you got your foam
Im also in Glendale and I've been looking of 9 in or bigger foam balls every were ! toys r s use to have some great ones but the no longer carry them

Andrew Olsen said...

What kind of foam are the balls?