Sunday, February 19, 2006

B.A.R.K. Production Journal: Puppet Hands, Step 7


1) Use a Sharpie to mark the desired placement of the puppet's fingers on the outside edge of the palms.

2) With an exacto blade puncture a small hole at each mark.

3) Apply Barge Cement to the base of each finger, and around the outside edge of the puppet's palm.

4) Once the glue is ready, incest the armature wire into the holes, and press the fingers onto the outside edge of the palm.

5) Once all of the fingers are in place. pinch the outside edges of the palm together to give the hand a nice finished look.


Noah said...

it looks like you're not connecting the finger wires to the wire in the palm... is that going to present a problem when trying to pose the hand later? I'm just curious. maybe I'm jumping the gun and you're going to answer this in a later post.

Sean Johnson said...


You're right I'm not attaching the finger wire to the hand wire. If this concerns you, an alternative method is to cut out two pieces of foam using your hand pattern - include the fingers and all. Next, make an armature wire skeleton by bending the wire to fit the contours of the hand. Then, apply contact cement to both sides of the hands and sandwich the armature between the foam. Finally, apply glue to the edges and pinch them together to the hand a finished look.

The reason I don't use this technique is I often have difficulty getting the wire and foam to match up properly. Plus I haven't been able to get the fingers to be as round as I would like. Finally I don't do a whole lot of finger posing and the armature wire is thin enough, that it really hasn’t caused a problem for me.

Thanks for your question, I hope I've answered it sufficiently. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Anonymous said...

for a fully poseable hand you could 1) create a full-hand wire armature, 2) lay the armature on the foam cut-out of the palm and using small pieces of masking tape (or a Sharpie?) mark on the wire where the base of the fingers begin (where the foam of palm and the foam of the fingers will meet), 3) then cover each finger with foam, getting them as round as you like, and not going below your marks, 4) then cover the wire palm with foam (don't forget to apply glue to the base of each foam finger - where the foam of palm and the foam of the fingers will meet) ... just and idea.