Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another Nice Note

I’m glad so many people are finding Puppet 101 helpful. I wanted to share another nice note I got from one of my readers:

I've been looking all over the web for some step-by-step foam puppet construction. I couldn't find anything. Then, I stumbled upon your blog. It's all the info I could hope for, so I just wanted to say... Thanks.

- Michael


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Wow - what a great find! I'm trying to get into puppets as both a creative outlet and for my church. I've just ordered the foam book/video - but your posts look even better! What a great find and thank you so much for sharing. This is wonderful material. I'm going to track back and try and follow it from the beginning, I'm really excited to follow along and get my own going!


Sean Johnson said...


I'm so glad you have been enjoying my blog. Good luck with your puppets! If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask. The cat puppet project began on November 25, 2005 - Here is the link,

By the way my name is Sean - Michael is one of my readers.