Friday, January 06, 2006

B.A.R.K. Production Journal: Puppet Head Fabrication, Step 6

Whenever I am fabricating the face of a puppet, I try to keep most of the seams on the back of the head. Using the stitch I discussed before is a great way to hide seams, but keeping them out of sight is even better.

1) Stretch the fabric across the face and around the back. It is important to get as much coverage from a single piece of fabric as possible to limit the number of seams.

2) Gather the excess fabric along your intended seam lines. In this case the excess fabric has been gathered along the back of the head and back of the cheeks. I've gathered the fabric so that it follows the contours of the head, this will help keep the seams out of sight. Another way to hide seams is to gather the extra fabric in a part of the head that will be covered up by hair, feathers, or a costume. Miss Piggy is a good example of this, her neck is not connected to the body, and this is cleverly disguised by her trade mark pearl necklace.


3) Pin the fabric in place. I've put pins all around the top of the head, because I'll be sewing on a piece of craft fur for the puppets head.

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