Monday, December 12, 2005

B.A.R.K. Production Journal: The Muzzle, Step 6

The cat puppet is coming along nicely. So far I've built the head, the mouth grip, the bottom, and top jaw. Now it is time to attach the muzzle to the head. This is one of the best parts because once this step is complete I can try the puppet on for the first time.

1) Hold the muzzle up to the puppet's head to find the proper placement. Once the position looks good mark it with pen.


2) Using an exacto blade carefully cut a hole in the puppets head.


3) Put the puppet on and make sure it feels right. In this stage I've noticed that the ring of gasket rubber that I added to the hand hole to give it's shape is rubbing up against my thumb. To fix it I simply cut away that portion of the rubber which thankfully does not effect the shape of the head.


4) Using Barge Cement glue the muzzle to the head.


With most of the actual head construction finished you can have some fun. Take the puppet to a mirror and try it out. Get a feel for how it moves. If it needs any further tweaking or altering do it now before fabrication begins.

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