Sunday, December 11, 2005

B.A.R.K. Production Journal: The Muzzle, Step 5


I'm back with the next step in the muzzle building process for my cat puppet.

Once again I've used Barge Cement to glue the pieces of the top jaw together. The finished shape was OK but looked more like a duck bill than a cat's muzzle (not pictured, sorry). To remedy this I simply cut some additional pieces of foam and glued them to the existing muzzle. In order to keep an accurate record of what I'm making, I've also traced the "add on" shapes onto paper so I can keep them with the rest of the patterns.

One of the great things about working with foam is you can add on and remove pieces until it looks just right. Once the muzzle is fabricated the added on pieces will be completely hidden, and I will look like one seamless shape.

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