Monday, November 07, 2005

The Muppets Make Puppets


For the young or young at heart looking for some fun puppet making ideas, I recommend The Muppets Make Puppets by Cheryl Henson, and the Muppet Workshop. This book teaches how to make a wide variety of puppets including sock puppets, paper bag puppets, puppets from every day objects, and so much more.


drgnfille said...

Thanks for posting these how-to's. I found your website in a search for how to construct a Fizzgig ("Dark Crystal") hand puppet. I've never created a puppet before, so I'm looking for any information that I can find! Any suggestions on where to start?


aliah said...

When you are looking to make puppet, first of all you should have good puppet idea. good design can make look good your puppet.
hand puppets for children