Friday, November 25, 2005

B.A.R.K. Production Journal: Putting the Head Together

The foam shapes are cut out and ready to be glued together. I'm using Barge Cement, and I'm taking the proper safety precautions. To glue foam pour out a little Barge onto a piece of cardboard - using a small about at a time will limit your exposure to it's harmful fumes. With a small piece of foam dab a thin layer of glue onto the two foam shapes you are gluing together and let dry for about 30 seconds.


Once the glue is dry press the foam together, being careful to keep the top and bottom flush.


Here are the three individual shapes that will make up the puppets head. Right now the rounded ends of the cheeks look pointer than I would have liked, and I may need to adjust this later. I'll keep them as is for now, and see if adding the fur gives me the shape I was looking for.


There, the cheeks are glued to the head, and the cat puppet is beginning to take shape.


I'm cutting a circle from a sheet of high density, half inch foam to create the top of the puppet's head. The higher density foam will help the head hold it's shape.


To keep the round shape on the bottom I'm using a thin piece of gasket rubber glued in place with contact cement.



RoboChicken777 said...

Where do you buy your gasket rubber.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you should add printable trace things for like the cheeks and stuff.

Anonymous said...

I've seen gasket rubber at Lowe's and Home Depot.