Sunday, November 27, 2005

B.A.R.K. Production Journal: The Grip, Step 2

The next thing I want to do for my puppet mouth grip is to glue the fabric to it. This will help the foam to last longer, and it make the grip more comfortable to the touch. I'll be using a spray adhesive from 3M. They come in a variety of formations. The most readily available are Super 77, which is more like rubber cement, and is better suited for spray mounting paper to foam core etc., and Super 90 which is high strength, and is better suited for this project. Just like using Barge Cement, apply a thin layer to the two things that you are gluing, wait 30 seconds and press together. As always please follow all safety instructions.

1) Spray contact cement to the grip side of the gasket rubber, and one side of the fabric.

2) After 30 seconds press them together. The fabric should be hanging over by about an half an inch or so.


3) Flip the piece over and spray glue to other side.

4) After 30 seconds fold the fabric over to secure it.


5) This is what the the top and bottom of your puppet mouth grip should look like so far.


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DBM said...

Thanks for the tips! I going to try a flexible mouth this week. Your blog is great by the way, the pictures help a lot.