Saturday, November 26, 2005

B.A.R.K. Production Journal: The Grip, Step 1

Now that the puppet head is coming along I'm going to begin to build the mouth. Since the grip must go inside the muzzle, I'll be doing that first. To make the grip, I'm using a fourth type of foam. It is super high density and called L200.

1) With an exacto carefully cut two pieces of gasket rubber. This gives the pallet strength and form. The gasket rubber should be big enough to support your fingers and thumb, but not so large that it covers the whole pallet - keeping it small increases the mouth's flexibility.

2) Next cut two pieces of L200 to about half an inch in thickness and glue them with Barge to the gasket rubber. Make sure foam is thick enough to get a hold of, but not so thick that It's difficult to grip.

3) Cut two pieces of light weight cotton fabric about a half an inch bigger than the gasket rubber.



zuesfrog said...

where do you get your Gasket rubber from?

San Francisco said...

Sean, I was able to make this mouth tonight and it works perfectly! Thank you for sharing easy to follow instructions accompanied by relative photos. I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

It took a moment to realize that you were using "pallett" (a construction of wood upon which you place heavy items for shipping or storage) when what you actually mean is "palate," the roof and floor of the mouth. ;-) But I really appreciate your skill and the time and effort you've taken to put all of this information on the web--thank you so much!