Thursday, November 10, 2005

Arm Rods: Part Three

Now that the arm rod handle is constructed it's time to make sure it has a comfortable grip. I used to wrap the handle in black gaffers tape until puppeteer Nick Barone introduced me to Tool Dip. Tool Dip is a liquid rubber made to to cover the handles of tools. It is very easy to use, and it gives your rod a nice comfortable grip, and a professional finish.


The name brand that I use is called Plasti Dip and it's made by Performix. It comes in various colors, I use black.


D said...

Can we get a link for where to get this "Tool Dip" a google search did't result in much. Rubber Tool Dip?

Matt said...

Great blog site! I too would like to see some pictures of the arm rod procedure if you have them available, just to confirm my visual picture. What about the business end of the arm rod, the end that goes into the puppet arm - how do you attach it to the puppet?


Sean Johnson said...


You can find Tool Dip, or similar products at most hardware stores. The name brand that I use is Plasti Dip and it’s made by Performix. It comes in various colors, I use black.

Sean Johnson said...


I’m glad you like the blog. Please see step four for the business end of the rod. I’m unable to post pictures at this time, but I will as soon as I’m able.


Anonymous said...

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