Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Arm Rods: Part Four

At last it's time to attach the arm rod to the puppets hand.

1) Wrap bailing wire around the main rod about a quarter of an inch below the 90 degree bend.

2) Run the wire along the bent part of the rod to the end.

3) At the end of the rod, make a small loop with the bailing wire.

4) Wrap the wire around it's self and the rod about a quarter of an inch down to secure the loop, and snip off the extra wire. Now you should have a small secured loop at the end of your rod.


5) Cut a small hole at the puppets wrist.

6) Insert the rod into the puppets palm - the loop should face the fingers, and the main rod should hang out at the wrist.

7) Using a needle and sturdy thread sew through the palm material and around the loop until it's secure.

8) Sew trough the material and around the bend until it's secure.

9) Sew up the small hole in the wrist.


There, all finished! That is how I make arm rods. Please feel free to follow these steps, or invent a few of your own.


Matt said...

Thanks for all the pictures! The arm rod series was very helpful.


Sean Johnson said...


I'm glad you found it helpful. I will be doing more of these in the future, so check back soon.


Sara Farr said...

Hey Sean,

I love that you share your process with the puppet community. I got to visit your studio last summer and these notes are a great supplement to that visit. Thank you very much!!

Sara Farr

Petoois said...

Thank you very much. Your blog is saving my puppet!